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Three books in The Hunter series are now available –
A Hunter’s Heart
“Can Charlotte accept that despite his fangs and need for blood, Matei is not a vampire?”
A Hunter’s Choice
“When Tomas found his ‘One’, Julie just ran away. Will Tomas ever be able to find her again?”
A Hunter’s Challenge
“Over four thousand years old, Anthan is the most experienced and most respected of all Hunters. But he is fighting against his internal pain.”
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Melting Her Dom’s Heart

Melting Her Dom’s Heart ….. Book 3 in Dark Desires –
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When Kallista Robins, 49, meets Alex Harrison, 51., she is instantly attracted to him but his obnoxious behaviour leaves her cold.
Alex has quite a reputation—he is a great Dom but he is cold and emotionless, never letting anyone get close to him. Nick-named Alexander the Great by subs, he has locked his heart away and intends to keep it that way. Alex refuses to ever collar a sub or get emotionally involved and always warns the woman before he begins any relationship, even going so far to have it written into their Dom/sub contract.
But when he meets Kalli Robins his world is turned upside down. Having never been in love before, the new feelings he experiences send Alex into a tailspin.
How will Kalli be able to stay in a cold, emotionless relationship? If he can’t return her love will she decide to give up on ever Melting Her Dom’s Heart?


Dark Desires 3

Melting Her Dom’s Heart

Melting Her Dom’s Heart
Out now with 15% discount until December 16th
When Kallista Robins, 49, meets Alex Harrison, 51., she is instantly attracted to him buthis obnoxious behaviour leaves her cold.
Alex has quite a reputation—he is a great Dom but he is cold and emotionless, never letting anyone get close to him. Nick-named Alexander the Great by subs, he has locked his heart away and intends to keep it that way. Alex refuses to ever collar a sub or get emotionally involved and always warns the woman before he begins any relationship, even going so far to have it written into their Dom/sub contract.
But when he meets Kalli Robins his world is turned upside down. Having never been in love before, the new feelings he experiences send Alex into a tailspin.
How will Kalli be able to stay in a cold, emotionless relationship? If he can’t return her love will she decide to give up on ever Melting Her Dom’s Heart?
Melting herdom

Melting Her Dom’s Heart on pre-order

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AVAILABLE: Wednesday, December 9th
[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, HEA]Melting her dom
When Kallista Robins, 49, meets Alex Harrison, 51., she is instantly attracted to him but his obnoxious behaviour leaves her cold.
Alex has quite a reputation—he is a great Dom but he is cold and emotionless,never letting anyone get close to him. Nick-named Alexander the Great by subs, he has locked his heart away and intends to keep it that way. Alex refuses to ever collar a sub or get emotionally involved and always warns the woman before he begins any relationship, even going so far to have it written into their Dom/sub contract.
But when he meets Kalli Robins his world is turned upside down. Having never been in love before, the new feelings he experiences send Alex into a tailspin.
How will Kalli be able to stay in a cold, emotionless relationship? If he can’t return her love will she decide to give up on ever Melting Her Dom’s Heart?

Perfect Three by Suzy Shearer

Heat Rating: SEXTREME

Word Count: 91,175


Available for pre-order discount – released September

[Ménage and More: Erotic Rubenesque Interracial Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, HEA]

Lucy Willis feels like her life has been on hold forever. Now at 49 she decides it’s her time. When she meets two very attractive fifty-plus men she is surprised to find out they are bisexual and want her to join them.

She is tempted, but Lucy is too embarrassed to tell them her secret wish— that she needs to be controlled in bed.

Then she discovers that Sebastian is a Dom!

Tentatively she accepts their friendship which soon develops into a love match for the three of them. Will Lucy finally find the happiness she had been searching for all her life or will fate step in to ruin it all?


Lucy casually glanced over at the hottie on the other side of the room.

Be still my beating heart. He was talking to another hottie!

This one looked a fraction taller, he had very dark, maybe black hair. His hair was like a wild halo around his head and his skin coloured a gorgeous rich deep burnt sienna. He had a much leaner frame but from here it looked all muscle. She couldn’t decide which one to drool over, they both looked absolutely delicious. She’d just have to lust over them both. She could see number two hottie wore a dark colour shirt and dark pants.

Hottie number one turned his head and their eyes met again. He gave her a definite smile then said something to his companion. He looked over at Lucy too and she found herself blushing. She fumbled with her drink and turned her head to look to the door.chance

Oh hell!

Rob was waving. She gave him a half-hearted smile and took another mouthful from her glass, only to discover it was empty. Somehow he managed to swim through the crowd and stand in front of Lucy.

“Can I buy you a drink, Lucy?”

She shook her head.

“No thanks, Rob.”

He looked disappointed.


“Sorry, I told you I’m not much of a dancer.”

He looked her up and down.

“You look fantastic.”

“Thank you, Rob.”

“Hey, Lucy! Mark wants to see you, he’s near the bar.”

“Oh thanks, Margaret. Excuse me, Rob.”

She smiled at him in relief and silently thanked Mark as she made her way to the bar again. Nonchalantly glancing over to the other side of the room as she walked, Lucy noticed only one hottie there. She met Mark at the bar about to order drinks.

“Hey, Lou, just wondered of you wanted a drink. Margaret said she thought you’d finished yours and I wanted to buy you one before you left to say thank you for all the work you did for us.”

“Oh gee thanks, Mark.” Lucy quickly studied the mocktails list. “Can I have a Red Giant, please?”

It was a large glass filled with cranberry and strawberry juice then topped with lemon-lime soda. He ordered a large round of drinks and Lucy took hers from him as he put the others on a tray.

“Thanks Mark. I appreciate it and I enjoyed working with you all.”

She followed him back to the group but once again Rob intercepted her, this time at the side of the doorway again.

“I thought you didn’t want a drink.”

“I’m really sorry, Rob, it’s just Mark wanted to buy me one and I felt I should say yes because he is the office manager.”

She looked around, trying to see someone she knew nearby to save her from Rob but no one was looking.

“I asked you first,” he complained.

“I know you did and I said I’m sorry.”

In a gravelly voice he said, “Well, will you go out with me now?”

“No, sorry.” Lucy shook her head and tried to walk past him. He put his hand against the wall, preventing her from entering the lounge area without making a scene.

“I’m trying to be nice.”

“I know you are, Rob, and I appreciate it. I’m trying to be nice too but please, you have to understand I’m just not interested.”


“I don’t want to and as I told you before I’m involved with someone.”

Once more she tried to push past. He grabbed her wrist tightly and she was frightened by his reaction. He seemed angry.

“Please let go of my arm, Rob!” she hissed softly.

“Not good enough for you, am I?”

She looked wildly around. This was getting so out of hand.

She whispered through clenched teeth. “Please let me go, Rob.”

His hand actually tightened on her wrist. Lucy managed to keep hold of her glass but most of her drink spilt onto the floor. Suddenly a sexy male voice spoke behind her then kissed her cheek. She felt two hands on her shoulders, pulling her close.

“Babe! Sorry I’m late.”

She tensed, wondering what on earth was happening and who had his arms on her. She wondered if she should scream and felt her heart pound rapidly.


Sebastian reached him and roughly grabbed him around the neck, pulling him tight onto his lips. Jack’s arms wrapped around his lover as he fought to keep his balance. Sebastian’s tongue forced its way into his mouth, his hand grabbed a fist full of his hair as he held Jack tight against him. The kiss was forceful, heady and Jack found himself holding Sebastian even tighter so he wouldn’t fall. When they finally separated Sebastian looked into Jack’s eyes.

He growled. “You can suck my cock.”

“Ooh yeah. I’ve been wanting to do that for hours.”

“Strip!” Sebastian ordered as he pulled off his own shirt then removed the remainder of his clothes.

Jack wasted no time in shedding his, throwing them onto the couch. He looked at Sebastian. His cock was more than half erect and Jack licked his lips in anticipation. He took a step toward his mate. Sebastian breathed heavily through his nose. Jack looked him up and down. His rich dark skin almost glowed in the light, where it hit him there were bright highlights amongst the dark shadows. Those deep brown-black eyes seemed to bore into Jack. They were filled with such love and, at this moment, intense lust. Sebastian stepped backward a few paces until he could rest against the back of one of the couches. He put his hands on either side on the couch back, holding himself steady.

He exhaled noisily as Jack ran a hand down his chest. Jack leant forward and kissed his lover’s neck then laid a line of kisses down the centre of his chest. He licked across each nipple and was rewarded when they hardened. Dancing his way down Sebastian’s body with his mouth, he kissed and licked a path toward his objective till he finally gripped Sebastian’s cock with one hand.

“On your knees, sub!” grunted Sebastian. His guttural voice was filled with desire and excitement.

Jack dropped to the floor, his face at cock height. That glorious long dark cock nestled amongst the wiry black hair beckoned him delightfully. Jack ran his hand up and down experimentally a few times and was pleased when it got harder. A glistening drop of pre-cum was his reward so he leant forward to lick across the top. He heard Sebastian sigh as he opened his mouth and slid it over that wonderful dick. His own cock was hard as a rock as he began to slide Sebastian’s back and forth, in and out of his mouth.

Jack felt Sebastian grip his fingers in his hair, holding his head against his cock. Jack continued his assault on that delicious dick. He would wrap his tongue around it and suck hard as he pulled his mouth partly off it then he would push forward, Sebastian’s cock filling his mouth, pushing against the back of his throat. When it was almost out he would stick the tip of his tongue into the sensitive eye then roll it around between his teeth.

“Yes! Fuck yes!”

Jack grinned around the cock. He thought his own was becoming even harder as he sucked and licked with glee.

“Pull yourself,” Sebastian managed to gasp.perfect three

Jack needed no second invitation. He grasped his own cock with his spare hand and began rubbing his hand up and down in time with the strokes his mouth delivered to Sebastian’s cock. With his other hand he held Sebastian’s cock but had crooked his little finger against his balls, gently rubbing and squeezing them. He could feel one of Sebastian’s legs—the one leaning on his arm, begin to tense. Jack increased the speed of his sucking. He also sped up the hand jerking off his own cock. If he timed it right they would come together.

His own climax felt so close but Sebastian’s was even closer. Jack felt Sebastian’s fingers press hard into his head as he roared. Sebastian pulled him hard and deep onto his cock. The salty thick cum shot into his mouth and down his throat. He sucked hard on it, gobbling down every last drop of that delicious drink.

Sebastian pressed himself hard against the back of the couch as Jack let the flaccid cock slip from his mouth. Sebastian slid a hand down his arm and pulled at Jack, making him stand. Jack still pulled at his cock, jacking it off.

“Shower me, my love, let me see that cum all over me.”

Jack grinned at him and jerked his cock faster and harder until he felt it spurt from the eye. Yelling, he squeezed it, dribbling cum all over Sebastian’s chest and stomach until it glistened. He rubbed his cock then his hand across his chest until Sebastian’s skin gleamed with cum.

“Mmm, I love seeing you come. Now you can lick me clean.”

Jack loved it when Sebastian let him come all over him, he loved the after-play of cleaning him. He licked him, sucked on his nipples and nipped at his lover until Sebastian gave him his hand and got him to pull him to his feet.

The two men stood staring into each other’s eyes. Sebastian ran a finger softly down Jack’s cheek.

“I love you. You’re everything that’s good about my life.”

He rubbed his thumb across Jack’s bottom lip then pinched it between thumb and forefinger. He leaned in and kissed him. That kiss filled Jack with such love he wondered if his heart would burst. This man meant the world to him and he thanked the gods every day for sending him.

“Come on, my sweet sub, let’s have a quick shower then bed.”

Holding hands they went into the bathroom together, showered then enfolded in each other’s arms, fell asleep.



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5 Star Review for Her Cravings Mastered…

I was just given an amazing 5 Star review for one of my books – Her Cravings Mastered.

Gloria is a professional reviewer so this review really made my day!

Gloria Herrera‘s review     5 of 5 stars

Read in July, 2015

This is an impressive story of a domestic abuse victim and her search for independence and freedom. You hear about abused women who stay in relationships that are abhorrent. You hear that they stay with the abuser and then you wonder … Why?

This story looks into the heart of a woman who survives years of abuse at the hand of her boyfriend and finally seeks to free herself from his control. Years of working toward her goal to succeed and prove she can achieve everything he denied her, melt away when he threatens her again. Jessica has become a successful businesswoman. The impact of Dennis coming into her life again and making demands, weakens her with the terror of his influence. She has a good man in her life now who believes in her and her abilities. Out of the strength of this relationship springs the needed moral support for her to stand up to her abusive ex. Aiden Dowling is her strongest supporter. He loves her just as she is. His love and assurances help Jessica flourish.

Mature love can be just as exciting and passionate. This story is well-written and believable. I was transported into Aiden and Jessica’s world. My only regret is that the book ended.

A Hunter’s Challenge by Suzy Shearer


By Suzy Shearer

Book three of The Hunters

A Hunter’s Challenge is now available for pre-order with a 15% discount until April 1st.


Win an autographed copy of A Hunter’s Choice (book 2 of The Hunters) – contest ends April 5th.

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[Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]ss-th-hunterschallenge

Anthanasius (Anthan) Vaduva has been alive too long. After more than four and half millennia, he had given up any hope of meeting his One and is tempted to walk into the sun.

Reluctantly agreeing to partner with Martin, another hunter, Anthan comes face to face with his pain and envy when Martin meets his One.

After helping Martin recover his One’s sister who has been taken by a strigoi, Anthan decides he’d had enough.

Will he finally end it all or will he wait and hope to finally meet the One destined for him all those thousands of years ago?


For 4,482 years he has hunted, he has slept—that’s it. His first hunt was when he was eleven years old. Now he is 4,493.

Too old.

Too long.

Too lonely.

That has been his life.

Early on, he used to dream, he used to hope but that hope has long gone. The temptation to walk into the sun is with him constantly.

Do you know? He reveals, I stay out longer and longer each day. The pain from the sun on my body is all that reminds me that I am still alive. Each time I rise I wonder if it will be the day I finally take one risk too many.

So he fights against those risks.

To stay that extra minute too long in the sun.

To drop his guard intentionally when he fights the strigoi.

At the moment he still constantly wages war with the strigoi but at the same time he also constantly wages it within himself. No one should have to live this long alone. He is  afraid that if he were ever to meet his One, he could never return the love given. All his emotions are lost so deeply within that he doubt they even exist anymore. In fact, he has reach a point where he doesn’t think it would be fair to her or him—to love someone who could not love in return.

So now he thinks maybe it’s better to end it all now.

What chance does he have?


Yet once again he rises.

Once again he hunts.

Once again he battles within his heart and soul. Each day passes, each one the same—as the millennia flow past him.

And each time he wakes he wonders who will win this day, this month, this year, this century?

He confesses to himself, How much longer can I do this?

* * * *

Martin walked in and kissed Avril’s cheeks.

 Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Avril.”

“ Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Martin.”

“Come sit. It’s good to see you.”

“You look even more beautiful Avril, a Hunter’s life suits you.”

“Thank you. It’s good to see you again, Martin.”

She led him to a comfortable chair on the balcony overlooking the distant mountains. She and Viorel were living in their house in Piteşti, Romania. Viorel walked in, Martin stood and greeted him.

 Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Viorel.”

 Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Martin.”

Martin sat back down on the chair. Viorel sat nearby, pulling a smiling Avril onto his lap and kissing her cheek.

“How were your parents?”

“They’re both good.” Martin shook his head wryly. “My mother is talking about having another child and my Dad thinks she is crazy but in the end she’ll win.”

“Knowing your mother I’d have to agree. Did you visit your relations as well?”

“Yeah I spent a week with my great uncle, at least that’s what I call him.”

Martin grinned to himself when he thought about the old man. He was a descendant of Martin’s father’s brother. He was in his late eighties and complained he was getting older. He would call Martin by his true name, Omasekew, which meant “a fighter” in Cree. The old man would make Martin do things for him, telling the others that Martin had young feet while his were so ancient. Martin loved it.

The old man knew the truth and the pair laughed together when they were alone. To Martin “Uncle” was a baby. Only a few members of the tribe knew what Martin really was. Many thought he was a piyêsiw, a “thunderbird,” sent to watch over them. It made sense as he would often arrive as a bird and had destroyed a strigoi that had been preying on the people using a lightning bolt. They believed his father had married a piyêsiw-iskwêw “thunderbird woman” and that was how Martin came to be.

“The old man looks so frail. The tribe look up to him, I know it will be hard for them when he leaves. It will be hard for me and Dad.”

It saddened him to leave knowing the old one would not live for many more years.

“That’s the worst part of being a Hunter, losing so many friends and relations over the eons,” Viorel said sadly. “And it just doesn’t get any easier with the passing years either.”

The two men sat thoughtfully, both lost in thoughts of family and friends long gone. Avril wondered how she would cope when her mother passed. She didn’t have any other family alive and her mother meant the world to her.

They were all silent for a while, relaxing in the early evening twilight. The sun had set over the distant Ciucaş Mountains. Viorel broke their reverie.

“That strigoi in Smokey Hills was rather active wasn’t it?”



She opened her eyes and looked into his. Nervously she stretched her hands behind her back and unclasped her brassiere. She pushed the straps off her shoulders and it fell forward. Her magnificent breasts fell free.

Anthan stared.

They were amazing, full and plump and ripe. He reached out to run his hand across them. The nipples pebbled even harder. He marvelled. Her breasts were so soft but the nipples so hard. He wanted to taste them. He sat up and leant forward to breathe in her fragrance. He ran a line of kisses down her throat until he reached the swell.

Carefully he took on pebbled point into his mouth. He rolled it around his tongue then he sucked it. He was rewarded by Erica’s moan. With his hand, he began to massage the other breast, playing with its peak. Erica’s hand moved to his head and held him tightly against her breasts. He continued to lave the nipple in his mouth with his tongue. All the while his cock felt harder and harder, till it hurt.

Erica dropped her hand from his head and Anthan stopped sucking. He sat back a little and looked at her. Her face was flushed and she was panting slightly.

“Anthan.” Breathlessly she spoke, her face blushed. “I… um…I’ve never been with anyone. I’m not sure…” she stammered nervously.

Anthan couldn’t stop the silly grin on his face. She looked worried. He leant forward and kissed her then took a breath.

“Neither have I.”

Her eyes widened as she took in what he said.


“We can learn together.”

Erica threw herself into his arms. Then pulled back and jumped off the bed. She quickly stripped off blushing even more then grabbing the blankets slid underneath into his arms. He removed his clothes quickly, in the way of all Hunters.

He kissed her again and again. His heart was singing. He could feel his love for her growing with every passing second and that wasn’t the only thing growing.

His cock was so hard, he was worried. Was this normal?

Erica turned slightly in his arms and her leg brushed against it. He couldn’t stop his groan. She grinned wickedly and he almost jumped when he felt her hand wrap around it.

“Oh my god, Anthan!”

She lifted the covers and peered down.

“How on earth will that fit?”

He laughed.

“I have no idea.”

He latched onto the nipple that was closest to his mouth, delighting when it pebbled even more. He squeezed her breast, she moaned so he sucked a little harder.

“Oh more yes.”

He bit it gently and was surprised when she screamed softly. He stopped, sure he’d hurt her.

“No.” She panted. “Want more, harder.”

He obliged. Rolling the nipple between his teeth and using his tongue, he teased at it then bit down. The hand on his cock tightened. He wanted more so he drop his hand down to nestle between her legs. She moved them apart slightly. He tangled his fingers in the hair. All the while, he kept sucking and biting.

She was so wet. He rubbed his fingers up and down, then found a hard pebble. He concentrated his efforts on it and Erica screamed in pleasure. He dropped the nipple from his mouth. Anthan wanted to see more. He pushed her onto her back and wriggled down the bed, throwing the covers aside.

He spread her legs wider and settled between them. Using one hand he pulled aside the reddened lips and marvelled at how wet she was. The aroma of her arousal was driving him a little crazy. He looked at the hardened nub and bent forward to lick then suck it.

Erica whispered, “Ah. Oh yes.” She shouted, “Fuck yes!”

He kept sucking at it then used his fingers to rub up and down before pushing them between the lips and into her hot channel. He felt Erica clamp down on his fingers and then she seemed to hold herself tight. She screamed a drawn out shout of his name.


He felt her muscles spasming on his fingers and knew she had come. It wasn’t enough, he wanted more. He wanted to be inside her. Pushing his fingers against her clit, she was still moaning so he knelt between her legs.

Holding his cock against the entrance to her, he began to rub it up and down. Then he pushed it gently against the barrier. He didn’t want to hurt Erica, so he kept his fingers caressing her clit. He leant his head down to take one nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling at it as he pushed his cock inside her.

She gave a gasp of pain. He stopped.

She pleaded. “Don’t stop.”

He was unsure but he felt Erica lift her buttocks slightly, opening her legs wider, so he pushed a little more. He felt the barrier tear as her breath was coming in little gasps.

She cried in pain then shouted as he got his cock deeper and deeper into her.

“Oh god yes Anthan!”

Anthan thrust slowly in. He felt her sheath widen as he entered, slowly he moved forward until his cock was seated deep within her. He began to thrust in and out. Her nails were in his back. He wanted to come but he wanted her to as well.

He pulled out a little way then push slowly back in. She pleaded with him.

“Harder, please harder. Oh.”

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The Jasmine Tree by Gayle Cranfield

Biography – Gayle Cranfield
Twitter @gaylecranfield
0.01_0.36_0.57_0.22_248_373_csupload_50169146Gayle Cranfield was born in London and found her forever after, Mark at the age of 14.
After nearly 30 years of being together, they have two children and now live in Wiltshire in the South West of England somewhere between Stonehenge and Bath. They have one child at University in Wales studying Psychology and another at the London College of Fashion studying Make up, Hair and Prosthetics for Performance (Training to become a sci-fi makeup artist for film and TV basically.)
Gayle was an Account Manager for a manufacturing company until 4 years ago when, after a weird shamanic experience in Brazil, she changed her life path and retrained as a beauty therapist. She now owns a successful beauty salon that she runs from home.
Whilst on a road trip around California in 2013, she read some disastrous books and when she returned home decided to write one of her own. Having never creatively written a word since school, she picked up her iPad and hesitantly started to write in secret thinking she’d write a short story. Her most productive time of the day was as soon as her husband left for work at 6am and before her first beauty client was due at 9am and then in between appointments if she had a spare hour. Before she knew it, she had 20 chapters and 97000 words!
Gayle’s sister and friend both called Debbie, read it and with a bit of re-writing Gayle had a manuscript ready to send out to publishers at the beginning of 2014, where Siren offered her a publishing contract in March 2014 for The Right Turn.
“It is great to see your work come alive,” Gayle says. “Although you have had various Beta readers telling you it is a great story and a real page turner until a publishing company says ‘Yes we want your work’ you only think your friends are being nice and trying not to hurt your feelings. Seeing the front cover being emailed to me for approval with my brother-in-law’s photo of Bath in the background, was when the reality hit me that this was actually happening and people other than my friends and clients were going to read it.
Gayle now has three books published by Siren Publishing, The Right Turn and The New Dawn with the third, The Jasmine Tree was released on the 15th January and has recently been released to Amazon. Although Gayle writes Erotic novels which are Male/Female, they are also thrillers with a very dark twist. Her Fourth book, The Forever Forest is a dark Paranormal M/F And this will be submitted to publishers this week, and hopefully available later in the summer. She now wants to be able to write full time and hopes that in a few years the dream will become reality.
The Jasmine Tree

Amazon USA
Amazon UK

Amazon Aust

“The Jasmine Tree is my favourite book so far. I have grown as an author over the past year and although I love The Right Turn and The New Dawn, The Jasmine Tree is a much harder story with Michael and Lilly being strong people in their own right, but together they make the story come alive. I got the idea for The Jasmine Tree when I was in New Orleans in 2014. We went on a scandal tour where the tour guide explained how the Russian Mafia had taken over the seedier side of life in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and how they import girls from Eastern Europe with the promise of a better life in the USA, but realistically they are drugged and, put to work in the strip clubs in Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. When they are hooked on heroin and are burnt out, the girls go missing. It intrigued me and I couldn’t wait to get home and put pen to paper (or fingers to ipad). Ten weeks later The Jasmine Tree was ready to go to my Beta readers and the feed back I got from my four strong team was that this was the best book yet. I hope you like it as much as us.”

Michael Reynolds, ex Royal Marine and SBS (special forces) has been deep undercover in the Russian Mafia for two years. He hates his assignment, but because his mother was Russian, he was called upon to infiltrate the organisation by MI5. Now called Mikel, he has been tasked by his mafia bosses with finding girls in Eastern Europe who are to be put to work in the sex industry in New Orleans with the empty promise of a better life in the USA.
Mikel meets Lilly Summers in a Mafia owned club and starts a relationship with her, but soon backs away when he realises he is getting in too deep and doesn’t want Lilly to get involved in his current life or to be dragged into the organisation he works in. But Lilly starts working for Mikel’s Mafia boss and his love for Lilly grows.
When Mikel is encouraged to go further undercover by his MI5 boss he finds himself in a battle between reality and the counterfeit life he has been leading, although when he finds out Lilly is not all she is supposed to be, that is where his troubles really start.
But Michael is troubled in other ways….what is in his nightmares and what is the significance of the large tattoo that covers his back?

Michael stood in front of his bathroom mirror, running his fingers through his hair.
When did he stop recognizing his reflection? Apart from having a quick shave every other day, he hadn’t really studied himself for a while. His forty-one-year-old weary, blue eyes looked back at him as he dragged his cheeks down and moved nearer to the mirror for a closer inspection.
The lines that were appearing around his eyes seemed to be getting deeper by the day. Dragging his fingers through his hair once again, he could just see the beginnings of gray coming through the dark brown. Where had that come from? He wondered if he could pull off the George Clooney look a few years down the line but decided he had a harder life than Mr. Clooney so probably not.
“I’m getting too old for this shit!” he said to himself in the mirror. “And talking to yourself, Mikey-boy? That’s not going to go down well at your next psych eval is it?”
Walking back into the main room of his pokey bedsit, he sat down on the edge of his bed and put his head in his hands and massaged his aching skull with his large callused fingers. God he missed being himself, he was tired of this counterfeit life, he just wanted to climb to the highest point in London and shout, “I am Michael Reynolds!”
He got off the bed and knelt on the hard wooden floorboards and picked up his mattress. Stretching deep into the middle of the underside, he reached and felt for the cut he had made in the soft furnishing and pulled out the envelope he was fishing for. Sitting back down on the floor he opened the flap and carefully laid the three photographs in front of him.
The first picture he picked up was taken on the day of his passing out parade with the small group of friends he had made in his fifteen months of officer training in The Royal Marines. He had always dreamed of being an officer just like his father and it was one of Michael’s proudest moments when he finally received his green beret. Throughout his long career he eventually made Major, one rank above his father, which Michael knew would have made him so proud, if he’d lived to see it.
The next photo showed his mother stood next to him on that same day. Although she sat in the audience and smiled for the camera that sunny afternoon, that smile never reached her eyes as deep down she hated his career choice. She loathed the Navy and the thought of her baby leading the same life as her husband distressed her greatly.
Nadia detested being an officer’s wife, especially being a foreigner. The other wives were very cliquey and she never felt accepted into the fold. Her husband was often away on tour for long periods of time and she became a very lonely woman. It was only Michael that kept her going, a son she totally idealized. When Michael’s father was killed in 1982 in The Falklands Campaign at the age of forty-three, his mother returned to her native Russia and Michael was sent to boarding school in England at the age of ten. Nadia desperately wanted Michael to continue his English education as she felt he wouldn’t have the same opportunities back in Russia, but she would always regret her decision to leave him.
Michael was fluent in Russian and from a very young age his parents insisted he would only speak Russian to his mother and English to his father as they were determined he would not lose his heritage. He spent many summer holidays as a child with his grandparents in Russia and had very fond memories of the country. He could also speak French and German along with a good amount of Pashto, one of the two Afghan languages, but it was for his Russian connection that he was chosen for this most recent mission.
He had been working in the Special Boat Service or SBS for five long years on covert operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. He would be sent in, eliminate his target or pull them out for further questioning and move on, no questions asked. It was hard life and he hated it but it was a job he felt he had to do, a job he needed to do. When eventually he was put out to pasture and semi-retired, he found himself living the life of a hermit on Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands which was sixty miles south of Cuba. He had been renovating a bar that he bought and was just beginning to enjoy his new life when he was approached to go deep undercover within the European Russian Mafia by the British Intelligence agency MI5. The Russians had been reportedly taking over European cities at an alarming rate, moving into distressed and run down areas, taking over districts that the Italians, Irish and Triads had abandoned.
MI5s files had been beginning to stack up against the Russian criminal gangs, when they inadvertently stumbled upon a strong and credible connection with their UK-European investigation with Louisiana in the USA. There had been reports of “merchandise” being shipped from mainland Europe, through the UK and onto the USA, but shipments of what? Whatever it was had only ever been referred to as “merchandise.”
MI5 started liaising with the CIA and they learnt from their American counterparts that following Hurricane Katrina, the Russians had made themselves very much at home running all underground activities in New Orleans and now protection rackets, drug dealing and gun running were quickly spreading throughout the US like a disease as the Russian mafia gangs grew in size and power.
Michael had been tasked to infiltrate the Mafia in London and build dossiers on individuals within the UK operation. He became known as Mikel Kozlov and had to quickly learn and memorize his new history and life of the man he had now become.

ADULT EXCERPTimage1 (5)-1
“Hey,” she said, kissing his neck, “if you don’t think you’re going to make it home, let’s start as we mean to go on…”
“Sorry?” he said, confused.
“Meet me at the ladies’ in five minutes, not before, not after.”
She looked directly into his eyes. “Does this face look like I’m taking the piss?” she said as she got up from his lap and walked away.
That five minutes passed so slowly. He had finished his drink and was counting down the seconds until it was exactly four minutes thirty seconds after she had left. He got up and walked to the ladies where he found a sign hanging on the wall saying “out of order.” He opened the door carefully and she dragged him in by the tie, locking the door behind him. It was a large plush bathroom with two cubicles and a velvet chair that he presumed she had dragged into the middle. She pulled him in further into the room and sat him on the seat.
Standing in front of him Lilly proceeded to untie her halter-neck dress. As she pulled the bow, the whole dress floated down her body and pooled at her feet, leaving her totally naked except for those black shoes again.
“Fuck Lilly, you are just perfect,” he said breathlessly.
Mikel went to get up but she walked toward him and pushed him back down onto the chair. She stood back. “What do you want, big man?” she asked.
“You, here riding me.” He grinned and pointed to his lap. She pinched both her nipples between her fingers and Mikel ran his fingers through his hair in pure frustration. He wanted to get up and touch her, but now knew that wasn’t the game.
Her hand sunk lower down as she started to touch herself. Mikel groaned and unzipped his fly and slowly started to masturbate his long, thick, heavy cock. She walked up to him, reached down into his jacket pocket, took out his wallet and opened it up. She found what she was looking for and slipped his wallet back into his pocket. “Always prepared.” She smiled as she ripped open the condom packet and took out its rubbery content. She rolled it over his penis and when she was happy, sat on his lap and sunk herself down, stilling as she took all of him. He held onto her hips expecting her to move, but she didn’t.
Lilly looked into Mikel’s eyes and grinned. “Well what are we going to do now?” she asked.
“I get a feeling you are just about to fuck my brains out.” He laughed.
“I get that feeling too, but only on a promise.”
“You do love a promise.”
“I do. I want you to promise me that we will stay together tonight. You don’t have anywhere to go tomorrow do you?
“So will you stay with me?”
“You are into blackmail then?”
She pulled herself off him and sunk back down. He groaned loudly. She slowly pulled at the knot of his tie, undoing it and dragging it through the collar, opening his top button. “You know how good it feels together, we can fuck all night long and into most of tomorrow too.” She leant over to him and gently kissed him his bared neck. “It’s going to be so good, that you’ll never want to leave.”
He knew it would be and that was what he was frightened of. She slowly pulled herself off him and got off his lap, coming round the back of him. Confused, he sat waiting for her as she wrapped the tie around his neck gently coaxing his head back to look at her upside down as she leant over him and kissed his lips. She sat him upright again and whispered in his ear from behind, “Promise?” She slowly let the cool, silk tie drag over the heated skin on his neck.
She took first one wrist and then the other tying him to the chair with his own tie. What the fuck? he thought as she walked back around to his front. Lifting her leg over his lap she lined herself back up and sat back on his rigid penis.
“Do you promise?”
“Yes, I promise.” What else could he do, he was totally at her mercy and would have promised her the world at that point.
She lifted herself off and back down again. “What do you promise?” she asked seductively into his ear as she clenched her internal muscles around his thick cock.
“I promise I will stay the night with you.” He strained. She was the sexiest woman he had ever met and he knew this one experience tonight wasn’t going to be enough.
She started to move up slowly, using the nape of his neck as leverage, then sinking back down. He was desperate to kiss and suckle her breasts but they were just out of his reach. If he had use of his hands he would pull her back and bite her nipples until she screamed. He could feel her muscles tightening around his already overstimulated cock and her breathing was becoming labored. Slowly and carefully she continued to torture him. He wanted to feel himself throbbing deep within her and she was keeping him on the edge.

Craving Her Master

Suzy Shearer

Book 2 of Dark Desires

PRE-ORDER!  AVAILABLE: Saturday, March 7th
This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, March 14th

[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, shibari, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
When Jessica Williams escaped an abusive relationship with a sadistic Dom in her late twenties, she vowed to never get involved with dominant men again. For the past fifteen years she has never had a relationship. Instead she dates meek, mild, safe men who she knows can never satisfy her—but at least she knows they can’t dominate her.
Estranged from her father, haunted by her past, filled with fear—can she ever learn to trust again, to love again?
But now she has met Aiden Dowling—a confident, attractive Dom.
Can she allow one man to control her again and hope that he won’t abuse that trust?
Jessica has buried the pain, the humiliation, and the abuse so deep even she won’t believe it. Now she has to decide whether it’s time to either come face to face with her fears and her past or else ignore the chance of happiness Aiden offers.

A Siren Erotic Romance

“Ah, Ms. Williams.”s-ss-dd-hercravingsmastered
A man stood.
Jessica felt it immediately as he moved from behind an enormous desk, to stand in front of her, his hand outstretched. He moved toward her and as she grasped his hand she felt a shock of electricity.
“Lovely to meet you.” His voice was deep, rich and very sexy. “I’m Aiden Dowling.”
She licked her lips as she shook his hand and said ‘hello’.
Suddenly she had the urge to take the pins holding the tight severe bun in place and shake her hair free. To undo the buttons on her crisp white shirt. He was sex in the flesh and she was reacting all the way from her toes to her hair. Between her legs, a sudden ache developed and she knew she was getting wet just seeing him.
Aiden Dowling towered over her, he looked to be around 6’8. She knew from the company website that he was fifty-two but he looked younger. She could see he was muscular. His body had that grace of a well-toned athlete. His hair was cut short at the back and sides but the top was longer with a cowlick that fell forward. She had the urge to brush it from his forehead. His face had a rugged beauty. This man wasn’t classically handsome instead he exude power, strength and confidence. He had a chiselled jaw, a firm chin. Although he was clean shaven, there was a hint of a ‘five o’clock’ shadow.
But it was his eyes that held Jessica spellbound.
They were pale green and Jessica felt they saw her as she truly was. They tore passed the cool facade she wore and instead delved deep into her soul.
It shook her.
The power he exuded was on so many levels—business, confidence, domination and sexuality.
This man would take no prisoners. He would over-power any opposition. He would stalk his prey and make them his own.
Jessica knew instantly that she had just become his prey.
He led her to a setting of low slung sofas and asked her to sit. She felt trapped. She felt this was beyond her control and from this point onward her life would never be the same. They both sat, Jessica putting her case alongside her seat. A knock on the huge doors and the stern woman entered with a tray. She poured out coffee for Aiden and then one for Jessica before setting the tray on a table and leaving the room.
“So Ms. Williams I’m looking forward to working with you.”
Jessica was sure there was a double meaning to his simple sentence. She smiled and tried to look relaxed despite her heart beating so fast.
“And exactly what is it that you need Hard Bytes for Mr. Dowling?”
“Aiden. Please called me Aiden.”
She acknowledge his request with a nod. As she watched he immediately slipped into business mode.
“I’m concerned about the safety of our designs. Recently another company produced plans so similar to ours that I wondered if we’d been compromised. I don’t have to tell you that in this, and any business, espionage is alive and well.”
“Do you suspect one of your staff or are you concerned with your actual computer security.”
“The computers.”
“Okay. My staff and I will need access of course. I have prepared a contract for you to read, basically it says we promise not to reveal anything to anyone but you and-or your nominees. We also promise to advise you of all security problems we discover and suggestions on how to solve them. If you choose not to take our advice and are in anyway compromised, basically then that’s your problem.”
She opened her briefcase and pulled out the document, handing it across to him.
“I’ll get my legal team to look over it.”
“I’m guessing you want us to start as soon as possible?”
“Of course. I’ll arrange for security passes for you and your team.”
“Can you hang off on that? One of the first things we like to do is see just how secure your building is. I know you have guard at the front gate, how do your staff enter?”
“There’s a separate entrance for staff. They have swipe cards. They are logged in and out the building. Any doors have a swipe security lock. The cards have a photograph of the employee, their name. Each one has both a barcode on it and the magnetic security strip for door access.”
“We also have smart cards for those who work in specialised areas. So those employees, as well as having the swipe technology on their card, also have a memory chip embedded into them for additional security.”
“I have something to start with then. Do you have the details of your computer systems? I asked your CEO, Trevor Ward to have them when we arranged the appointment.”
He pointed to a folder on the table.
“All in there.”
“Thank you.”
Jessica took a mouthful of coffee. She noticed her hands were unsteady. This man was getting under her skin. He looked over his coffee cup at her and she was sure he knew exactly how she was reacting to him. She took another mouthful and put the cup down, picking up the folder.
Opening it, she glanced down at the contents. Everything she’d asked for was there. For her own safety she wanted to get out there as quickly as possible.
“I’ll ring Trevor and arrange things with him.”
“No. I’ll give you my number.” Jessica looked at him startled then dropped her eyes. “You’ll deal directly with me Ms. Williams.” The look he gave her was dominating.
“I’ll be in charge.”
In the pit of her stomach, Jessica felt a sudden jolt at those four innocent words. Visions of lying bound underneath him flashed across her mind. She could almost feel his hands running across her naked body. She bit her lips and knew she had flushed.
She looked at him. He raised an eyebrow and gave a slow sexy smile.
He knew!

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